Apr 13, 2013

Tropical fruit pufferfish!

Day 30: Tropical fruit pufferfish! This piece is made of 4 different fruits from Southeast Asia! Can you name them?
_Body: Durian - known as the “king of fruits”, it is strong smelling, has a spikey husk and creamy flesh. They say u either love or hate it. I love it!
_eye: longan, similar to lychees
_tail/fin: chiku, a super sweet fruit, texture like a well-ripened pear
_water: pomelo, looks like a giant grapefruit the size of a soccer ball!
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  1. I can only name durian fruit.

    I love your food plate art (including previous post) ~ Very creative and the colors jumps out of the plate or page ~

    Is it okay to feature your work in one of our challenges at Real Toads? This is our poetry group - http://withrealtoads.blogspot.ca/

    Thank you ~

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