Apr 11, 2013

Food Art Updates

 Day 18: cucumber landscape. Made from one single cucumber

Day 19: Owl-nion! Haha. Made of onions and mint leaves. My eyes were teary as I was making this piece though!

 Day 20: Tiny tutus. Something simple for all the ballerinas out there... Tried something different by playing with the shadows of the plate to create a spotlight effect for the ballerinas. Made of chocolate syrup and coloured chocolate shavings. 

Day 21: "You're my butter half". Specially dedicated to my friends TY+VQ, AL+CH and JY+SY who will be getting married this year. Made of Bovril and butter and chilli...just to spice things up a bit. ;)

 Day 22: Carnivore vs herbivore. Made of beef, spinach, and parsley. A new way to serve carpaccio...add olive oil, shaved cheese, salt, pepper n lemon n u're done! 

Day 23: An eggplant circus...and a nervous-looking elephant !I've made a video showing how I did this piece; check it out at http://youtu.be/zepKgzYh6AA

Day 24: Louis Vuitton monogram mushrooms! 

Day 25: Field of tulips...specially dedicated to my Dutch friends (let me know if u're one!)! Tulips are made of chilli padi, or baby chillis. 3 years ago I spent one semester studying in Delft, the Netherlands and tulips were in full bloom in April. Imagine strips of vibrant colours spread across large fields. That's still one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life. I miss u, ur canals, stroopwafels, herrings and friendly people, Hollanda! :'(

Day 26: The Malaysian parliament has been dissolved! Malaysia, let's make wise choices for the upcoming 13th general election! I'll be traveling to the States but will def be coming back to vote! Made of Tang orange powder dissolved in water. Pools of water makes out a faint YELLOW map of Malaysia. Let's pray for a BERSIH/clean election this time!

 Day 27: Kuala Lumpur skyline in my nasi lemak! This piece is especially for Malaysians living abroad who are missing home! Let's go back to vote! Do u know that Airasia is offering cheap flights for ppl who want to go back to vote? http://www.airasia.com/my/en/fly-home-to-vote.page #jombalikundi

Day 28: Red cabbage Marchesa Salad! Made of red cabbage, mayonnaise, basil seeds and silver dragees...

I've got 3 more posts to go!! :)


  1. very talented!!! I'm always impressed with your work!

  2. do you see the art in everything?? amazing work!

  3. What an amazing work! Bravo! <3

  4. your food art are AMAZING! and omg, nasi lemak art?! u r a genius!! and very very patient too!! haha...

  5. Hi, I'm Margriet (from Holland!)
    Lòve your beautiful, beautiful work!!
    I've mentioned you on my blog: http://lukkili.blogspot.nl/
    Please take a look..

  6. More than beautiful we are amazing!

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations! Wildly creative works of art, love it!

  8. Awesome creation and thought , I have no words to say.... :)

  9. your works are amazing.
    it really an inspiration.
    keep it up.

  10. I'm Dutch and I love this.
    You are so creative.

  11. Lovely and so creative!!! How do you preserve your creations??????? I live in Dronten in Holland and am very impressed with your work. Keep it up.

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