Oct 10, 2012

HP Ink advantage/Feathers Project

HP Ink Advantage Project - TV Commercial (The Malaysian Version) HP Ink Advantage Project - Behind the Scenes *updating this space right.now.! More photos coming soon :)

HP challenged me to do an art project using ONE HP Ink Advantage Cartridge, ONE HP printer, and 1500 sheets of A4 paper. Like my previous art projects, I kept to using ordinary, every objects as my medium. In this case, I chose to use FEATHERS - which became the title of my art project.

This project was done by scanning a handful of feathers, then arranging them out differently each time. The 1500 sheets of paper are then laid out and taped together, and installed with the design and mechanics like a giant fan, revealing a giant dove that looks like it is flying out from the printer, to inspire everyone to let their creativity soar, especially in situations that seem impossible or too hard.

I've done the dove, a bird signifying peace, with eyes of an eagle that shows tenacity and power, to show that while people may look demure and ordinary, they can also be strong and dynamic.

This project is also made into a 30 second commercial, and will be shown in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Shot in Pudong, Shanghai.

Covered in Venus Buzz:
Find out more about HP Ink Advantage:
Malaysia: http://www.hp.com.my/inkadvantage
Indonesia: http://www.hp.com/id/inkadvantage
Thailand: http://www.hp.com/th/inkadvantage 
Client: HP
Advertising Agency: BBDO Singapore
Production team: Great Guns & P.I.G. China


  1. Well done, Red.
    Just like the bird, you are soaring high!

  2. i feel compelled to quote C.J. Chenier's lyrics form the song "Man Smart, Woman Smarter". although taken out of context i think they fit you to a T:

    But I say, it's the women today
    They're smarter than the men in every way
    That's right, the women are smarter
    That's right, the women are smarter

  3. Yes! You are certainly pushing the boundaries as an artist. Great work.

  4. Wow Red, this is amazing work...so inspiring, so happy u made it!

  5. How is it that you were able to create the art piece with one ink cartridge when they gave you two hp printers to work with?

  6. you mentioned in an interview that they actually gave you two printers to work with to speed up the work? but in the commercial they claimed that you only used on printer?

  7. I hadn't seen what you where up to in a while ... real stunning. Trying to break down what you created I'm stunned by how you managaed to make it work. Congrats

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