Jan 26, 2012


Okay, this is getting a liiiiittle crazy!

I was told yesterday morning that my Yao Ming portrait video was featured on Gizmodo, and I thought, 'hey...they're a very well-known site, right?'. I called one of my techie friends and he sounded way more excited than me, and told me that 'they're not big; they're HUGE!'.

Next thing I knew, my views shot up from 12k to 50k in a matter of a few hours, and the video was featured on the Huffington Post and Yahoo and NBC! I couldn't wrap my head around what was gong on before my eyes. The next crazy thing: Good Morning America and ABC news contacted me to request permission to show the video on their channels! I'm totally blown away by the power of social media. All I did was shared my youtube link on my facebook page, and the rest happened from there. I was totally not expecting this - I'm really overwhelmed and extremely nervous - I'm getting mostly good, but some bad (and rude!) comments - and I guess I have to realise I can't please everyone!

I am so so so thankful for the encouragements, comments, video-sharing and emails...I'm really blessed by you, and by God. Thank you!

RED! :)

ps: I've placed all the media articles under the tab MEDIA on the top of my site! 
pps: I wish I worked on my dribbling skills more - this was shown on some ESPN and NBA sites and viewers were laughing about my sloppy dribbling towards the end, haha

ppps: would love to stay connected! Here's my Facebook page!


  1. Wow, that is amazing - Congratulations!

    Hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous year of the dragon :)

  2. Congratulations! Your creativity is inspiring. Hope it spurs you to create more amazing art!

  3. You have the talent and you have succeeded a large portion of your dream!!

    You are amazing Hong Yi! I am really happy for you!!! Congratulation. :)


  4. Maybe yao ming himself will see that video :) congratulations hong yi!

  5. i just gotta say that you have an amazing talent and that you have inspired me to start blogging.

  6. linked from gizmodo. your blog is amazing and you always have such funny and insightful things to say. i love all the pictures! shanghai looks awesome. looking forward to more!

  7. This broad is kinda hot.

  8. 嗨,康仪你好。

  9. Hi Yi!!
    I'm very glad for you!!!
    You did a good job, and you have now what you deserve!!

  10. You are such an amazing person and your achievements are such inspirations to so many people. Way to go, Yi. With you all the way.
    Love, A Raina

  11. Hey congrats! Question: do you draft an outline on the canvas first? Or you are only following the picture?

  12. Beautifully done.......

    Coming from Sabah myself, I am super proud of your achievements....


  13. Your work is just so wonderful! Congratulations on the exposure, and enjoy it!

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